2016 Association Goals

  • Fulfill the mission, values, goals, and structure of the Association while keeping them visible and accessible to membership.
  • Provide and promote opportunities for members to become and remain actively involved and engaged throughout the year with the Association.
  • Through education, assessment, and feedback of our membership we will continually promote, incorporate, and critically examine the inclusiveness and equity within the Association.
  • Continue the utilization of technology to improve efficiency and communication with members.
  • Maintain sustainable practices to be good stewards of the Association and environmental resources.
  • Foster and maintain strong relationships with corporate partners while also developing new partnerships.
  • Encourage innovation and creative experiences by engaging in a critical review of processes, events, and programs of the Association.
  • Collaborate and establish strong relationships with other housing regional associations and ACUHO-I.
  • Provide meaningful outcomes-based learning opportunities for members.

It is understood that in addition to the specific goals of each Committee, the Association’s Goals are also the responsibility of all Committees and Committee Members.

2016 Executive Committee Goals

PURPOSE: To lead UMR-ACUHO in a manner that reflects the values and mission of the Association.

  • Provide leadership in fulfilling the Association goals.
  • Identify recruitment and retention strategies for institutional membership.
  • Identify increased opportunities for corporate partnerships.
  • Increase efforts to support the recruitment of effective leadership team members for the Association.
  • Recruit and identify a representative for the ACUHO-I foundation.
  • Create a comprehensive communication plan outlining the various ways to give to UMR-ACUHO and the UMR ACUHO-I Foundation account.
  • Develop a strategy for utilizing the UMR ACUHO-I Foundation account funds.
  • Provide leadership to propose a conference bidding model that is inclusive to a variety of hosting locations, and alternative conference experiences.
  • Enhance our support of the Housing Professionals of Color and Pride Housing Networks while continuing to review opportunities for additional support and collaboration networks.
  • Conduct a comprehensive assessment of all communication to our membership. 

2016 Executive Committee Members

  • Aaron Macke, University of St. Thomas - President
  • Tracy Gerth, Marquette University - Vice President/President Elect
  • Christina Hurtado, Kansas State University - Past President
  • Nick Rafanello, University of Northern Iowa - Treasurer
  • Linda Varvel, University of Iowa - Secretary
  • Greg Thompson, University of Iowa - Technology and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Coree Burton, University of Northern Iowa - Inclusion and Equity Coordinator
  • Abby Sylvia, University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh - State Membership Coordinator-IA, KS, MO, NE
  • Beth Miller, University of Central Missouri - State Membership Coordinator- MN, ND, SD, WI, Manitoba
  • Brian Faust, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Corporate Partnership Coordinator