Social Justice

 The Social Justice Committee is a group of UMR-ACUHO members of different perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds who will contribute to the education and awareness of privilege, oppression, identities, and experience, and its impact between ourselves and the interactions and relationships we have with others.

Please let us know what we can do to serve you! We welcome any and all suggestions and feedback! Please email Coree Burton at

Social Justice Action Award: 

This award recognizes an individual, organization or department affiliated with a UMR -ACUHO institution for a programmatic effort or ongoing initiative that has had an impact on their campus in the area of social justice.

Eligible Nominations:

Eligible nominations will include programs/initiatives primarily coordinated or sponsored by housing/residential life departments who are members of UMR-ACUHO. Programs/initiatives may be organized by professional or student staff, hall government organizations, campus organizations or departments or students living in the residence halls. Nominated programs/initiatives must be non-contractual in nature. Eligible nominations must also be those having occurred between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016.

Submit a Nomination: 

  1. Fill out the nomination form 
  2. Complete the form by October 21, 2016

Drake Martin Commitment to Social Justice Award:

This award recognizes an outstanding housing or residence life staff member or affiliate that has demonstrated a continued commitment to social justice.

Eligible Nominations:

Eligible nominations include any person who has continually demonstrated a commitment to social justice. Nominated people must be nominated from works between August 1, 2015 and July 31, 2016.

Process for Submitting Nominations:

  1. Fill out the nomination form
  2. Complete the form by October 21, 2016

Our Mission

We strive to be reflective, intentional, responsive, meaningful, and relevant to the UMR-ACUHO membership, and will create opportunities for engagement throughout the year.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Social Justice Committee is to provide education, resources and support to housing professionals to assist in their work with matters related to diversity and social justice.

Committee Goals

  • UMR-ACUHO members will be provided with safe spaces and opportunities to ask questions, take risks, and learn from and with one another through various Social Justice Committee efforts and/or other committee collaborations.
  • UMR-ACUHO members will have access to relevant social justice resources through programming and educational opportunities.
  • UMR-ACUHO members will be recognized for outstanding individual, programmatic, and institutional social justice efforts through the Social Justice Awards. 

Committee Members

  • Coree Burton - University of Northern Iowa - Interim Chair
  • Alan Jones - University of Kansas - Chair
  • Sarah Holmes- Iowa State University
  • Amanda Erdman- Augsburg College
  • Keniese Evans- University of Northern Iowa
  • Krista Kronstein- Coe College
  • Chris Mueller- Kansas State University
  • Erin Whipkey- University of St. Thomas
  • Brian Froemming- Carroll University
  • Dany Thompson- University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Rochelle Holmes- University of Wisconsin Stout
  • Jeremy Leiferman- University of Minnesota Duluth
  • Jamarco Clark- Mount Mercy University
  • Annalissa Miller- University of South Dakota
  • Shalyn Hopley- North Dakota State University
For a list of resources, click here

Support and Collaboration Networks 

The UMR-ACUHO Support and Collaboration Networks been developed to provide a platform for UMR-ACUHO members to develop a stronger professional network, to discuss topics relevant to their professional experiences, and to be supported in their professional growth and development.  Additionally, these networks serve to engage individuals in UMR ACUHO leadership roles and encourage future involvement.  These networks include:

  • Housing Professionals of Color Network (Chairperson - Alan Jones - University of Kansas)
  • Pride Housing Network (Chairperson - Michael Perry - University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Women in Housing Network

If you are interested in being a part of the any of these networks, please contact Coree Burton (Inclusion and Equity Coordinator) at