Corporate Partners

Information Packet

Thank you to our gracious vendors for their continued partnership. Conference Registrations will open for Vendors March 15, 2018. For more information, please contact the Sponsors and Exhibitors Chair, Allyson Plattner at

Benefits to Exhibitors

  • Access to an electronic list of all conference attendees, prior to the conference. The list typically averages 500 participants.
  • Access a set of Senior Housing Officers, Facilities or other subgroups from all listed members in the region upon request.
  • Network with purchasing agents that are in attendance.
  • Make new contacts with young, dedicated professionals who influence their SHOs. They help design lounges, make recommendations, and meet with the students to influence day to day purchasing on campuses.
  • Develop relationships with colleges and universities you do business with.
  • Support UMR-ACUHO, so we can make the annual conference that much better for everyone!