2017 Executive Committee Areas of Focus & Action Items

Area of Focus #1: Expand opportunities for professional development in addition to the annual conference

Action Items:

  • Explore other regions professional development offerings outside of conference (Tracy and Greg)
  • Ask the committees to think about how they each can do this
    • Ideas: SHOs feedback, monthly google chats, book clubs, article recommendations, blogs, Humans of UMR, in newsletter create space for updates for other organizations our membership is involved in and what they are working on 

Area of Focus #2: Creatively and strategically pursue increased communication

Action Items: 

  • Assessment on what platforms our membership uses and how people would like to be communicated from UMR
  • Develop a Communication Plan, encompassing all forms of communication
    • Creating a monthly/bi-monthly plan for what is going on the website and work with committees to get the information (Jordan)
    • Create communication plan that included response to movements, issues occurring nationally
      • Increased communication may also increase expectations on our response to current events and other things happen, so create a plan to reach out to membership
  • Create consistent communication paths to leadership including Exec and committee specific email addresses  
  • Welcome email/information to new members (MIC)  

Area of Focus #3: Begin strategic planning

Action Items: 

  • Establish a strategic plan taskforce
  • Create charge for taskforce
  • Winter meeting closing meeting activity??

Area of Focus # 4: Assess and review sustainable budget alignment with membership dues and conference registration fees

Action Items: 

  • Split budget into conference and operational expenses
  • Ask committees to reevaluate budgets
  • Set conference budget costs based on actual conference costs 

Area of Focus # 5: Assess existing financial resources and make some preliminary decisions

Action Items:

  • Set standards for all financial accounts
  • Engage the Traditions and Recognition committee about the Presidential Scholarship budget
  • Review current financial state and determine how surpluses should be allocated 

Area of Focus # 6: Identify specific areas we can better align our values of inclusion and equity

Action Items:

  • Recruit and retain diversity in membership, involvement, and leadership, through nominations and outreach
  • Reach out to membership to offer opportunities to engage with the Professionals of Color, Pride Network, and Women’s Network
  • Update website, logo, and communication to ensure accessibility for all


2017 Executive Committee Members

  • Tracy Gerth, Marquette University - President
  • Greg Thompson, University of Iowa - Vice President/President Elect
  • Aaron Macke, University of St. Thomas  - Past President
  • Nick Rafanello, University of Northern Iowa - Treasurer
  • Becky Wilson, University of Iowa - Secretary
  • Jordan Baumgardner - Technology and Sustainability Coordinator
  • Coree Burton, University of Northern Iowa - Inclusion and Equity Coordinator
  • Jolene Esterline, University of Wisconsin- Madison - State Membership Coordinator-IA, KS, MO, NE
  • Beth Miller, University of Central Missouri - State Membership Coordinator- MN, ND, SD, WI, Manitoba
  • Brian Faust, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point - Corporate Partnership Coordinator