UMR-ACUHO Program Proposal Form 2017

Complete the form below to submit a new Conference Program Proposal. Once all the required fields have been completed, click the Submit Conference Program Proposal button.

Primary Presenter/Contact Person:

Presenters are expected to register for one or more conference days if their program is accepted.

If one or more presenters work outside of the housing profession and do not wish to register for the conference because they will not be attending conference activities, please list the presenter’s name in the box below. Someone from the Program Committee may contact you to discuss a conference registration waiver.

To provide an ease of clear communication, the Program Committee will be in communication with the primary presenter regarding status of program proposal and program details if the proposal has been selected for the conference. Considering that, it is an expectation that the primary presenter communicates with those included on the proposal.



Additional Speakers/Presenters:





NOTE: If your program has more presenters than will fit in this section, please include their information in the program description form below.

Presentation Details:



Program Room Requests:

NOTE: Internet and projectors will be provided in program rooms. Roundtable rooms may not have a projector. Please share any additional request you may have.


Please list the minimum and maximum number of participants that your session permits?

The following information will be used by the Program Committee to evaluate your proposal for inclusion in the annual conference program. Examples of proposals can be found on the UMR-ACUHO website. Please remember to leave time at the end of your session for Q&A and evaluation time.