Sponsors and Exhibits

Vendor Information and Registration available at Vendor link.

The purpose of this committee is to solicit corporate partner support and involvement; coordinate partner exhibits; solicit partners' sponsorship UMR-ACUHO annual conference activities; and foster an environment to promote positive relationships between corporate partners and Association members.

Committee Areas of Focus:

  1. Maintain current corporate partnerships while increasing variety in the types of first-time partners we recruit and bring to the conference.
  2. Encourage a diverse array of corporate partners, particularly recruiting educational, programmatic, nontraditional, sustainable, underrepresented, and startup businesses.
  3. Evaluate corporate partner needs and adjust participation options accordingly.
  4. Educate corporate partners about the Association, its goals, and its values.
  5. Educate Association members on the importance and value of the corporate partners to the Association.
  6. Increase Association revenue through the use of exhibitor options in the corporate partner packet. 
  7. Utilize best practices to increase conference attendee interaction with corporate partners in the exhibitor area.
  8. Develop and maintain long-term relationships with corporate partners.
  9. Enhance the personalized corporate partner experience by providing committee contact person(s).
  10. Encourage corporate partner participation in conference and Association activities (i.e. programs, socials, banquets, webinars, etc.).
  11. Provide a exhibit hall schedule that reflects opportunities for quality face-time between corporate partners and conference attendees.
  12. Collaborate with the Coordinator of Corporate Sponsorship to maximize partnerships.
  13. Maintain a comprehensive list of corporate partners that serve the Association.

Committee Members - 2018

  • Allyson Plattner - University of Wisconsin La Crosse - Chair
  • Larissa Buster - College of Saint Mary
  • Chad Franson - University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
  • Jay Davis - Webster University
  • Carrie Fitzwater - University of Nebraska Lincoln
  • Jacque Jankiewicz - University of Wisconsin Whitewater
  • Mandie Craven - Wichita State University
  • Jacob Alexander - Hamline University
  • Vicente Solis - St. Ambrose University
  • Abbey Lane - Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Alyssa Bolante - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • Anna Holbrook - Univeristy of Iowa
Gaith Hijazin
Kathleen Finnegan
Cody Burggraff
Mike Webster
Dave Arnold
Trelana Daniel
Danielle Paris
Anna Dickherber
Jack Fischer